Hot Seat is your go to platform for engaging debate, unbiased, balanced hard-hitting and in-depth analysis of the sectors of society.Your host is Violet Gonda, award-winning journalist who has worked from multiple countries interviewing global leaders, influencers and rights defenders.

The platform started more than 15 years ago as a radio programme that engaged Zimbabwean politics and providing alternative ways to circumvent state censorship in the country while reporting from exile. The unique strength of this platform is that it will focus on issues that are not only important to Zimbabwe, but which also affect African states and societies as a whole and seeks to go deeper to investigate complex issues.


Please help to support the platform Hot Seat with freelance female journalist Violet Gonda. This platform brings you unbiased, investigative, balanced hard-hitting and in-depth analysis of issues affecting the African continent, especially Zimbabwe. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Excited to get to work.

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Hot Seat with Violet Gonda  has a captive audience of influencers, business, politicians and ordinary people who believe in our stories and trust our journalism. Advertise with us

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