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Zimbabwe 2023 Elections – Flying start vs Strategic Ambiguity

Spotlight on Zimbabwe looks at Elections 2023 proclamations and preparations. Join Violet Gonda as we dissect hurdles in the run-up to the polls. Uncover controversies and complexities shaping the political landscape.

As Zimbabwe’s election date is set, the journey begins fraught with hurdles. President Mnangagwa’s rejection of electoral changes amid ongoing constitutional concerns has cast a shadow on the process.

In focus today is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s decision to use preliminary census data for delimitation, rather than awaiting the final report. This move, coupled with a flawed constituency division formula, questions the adherence to constitutional norms.

Transparency concerns deepen as Zec, the electoral commission, withholds the electronic voter roll. Without it, the credibility of constituency-based vote counts faces scrutiny.

Financial demands compound the situation, with significant fees for candidates. Opposition parties like CCC grapple with fundraising challenges. Yet, CCC stands firm on contesting, underscoring the importance of participation.

However, competing means accepting outcomes, even unfavourable. To challenge post-election, evidence of rigging must be presented to the Electoral Court.

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