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Zimbabwe Independent Candidates Debate

Zimbabwe Election Support Network in partnership with Violet Gonda on Hot Seat presents an election debate and discussion series entitled:

Making Elections Make Sense
As Zimbabwe prepares for the 2018 elections the country has seen the emergence of many political parties and Independent Candidates seeking to run for public office. Is the time right for independents to challenge the 20 year grip that the main parties have had in our national and local politics? Are they spoilers in these polls? What are their chances of winning?

Join us as we try to make sense to the rise of Independent candidates.

The panelists with Independent candidates include:
Temba Mliswa (Norton)
Jessie Majome (Harare West)
Vimbai Musvaburi (Bulawayo South)
Duduzile Nyirongo (Harare Ward7 council)
And former Independent MP Margaret Dongo