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Zimbabwe 2023 Elections: Nomination Mayhem

The political landscape in Zimbabwe simmers with intrigue as the ruling Zanu PF secures over 90 uncontested council seats ahead of the 2023 elections. “Spotlight on Zimbabwe” turns its gaze to the unfolding narrative of candidate nominations, goal post shifts, and legal battles.

Amid mounting anticipation, nomination day dawned on the 21st, casting a spotlight on the twists and turns leading up to the 2023 general elections. Within hours of the nomination deadline, two statutory instruments governing local government candidate nominations were published. But here’s the catch: these instruments contravene the constitution, setting the stage for confusion and chaos.

The unfolding drama benefits some parties, casting suspicions of prior knowledge. Zanu PF takes the lead, having already secured a significant number of local government seats. Meanwhile, the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (Triple C) faces its own turmoil. Popular candidates left out, candidates filing nomination papers against party instructions – the Triple C grapples with internal strife.

In Harare, Bulawayo, and Mashonaland, multiple CCC candidates now compete for the same seats, adding another layer of complexity. Legal battles ensue, with allegations of submission time violations and forgery echoing in the political arena.

Yet, amid the chaos, a lesson emerges: transparent processes within the opposition could have averted this predicament. As the elections draw closer, CCC faces the possibility of their own candidates vying against each other for crucial constituency seats on Election Day.

Join us in untangling this web of political dynamics and intrigue, as we navigate the journey towards Zimbabwe’s highly anticipated 2023 elections.

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