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Chamisa says ‘it’s game over’

Chamisa says ‘it’s game over’; Every five years, a vast open space in central Harare becomes a groundswell of anticipation, hosting the opposition’s final pre-election rally. The atmosphere buzzes with hope and excitement as Triple C supporters await the address of their 44-year-old leader, Nelson Chamisa. This scene mirrors the moments of unity witnessed in 2018 and 2013, prior to previous elections.

However, a decade later, the one ruling party Zimbabwe has known in the last 43 years maintains its grip on power. Yet, the opposition’s rallying cry remains unchanging: “Time is up” for the ruling party and its aged leadership. Chamisa’s resounding proclamation echoes, “We have won this election.”

Chamisa’s message of change strikes a chord with countless Zimbabweans weary of economic suffering under the ruling party’s tenure. His grassroots support is evident, as desperate citizens seek relief from longstanding hardships.

While Triple C’s fervent supporters yearn for transformation, the electoral landscape remains heavily skewed in favor of the ruling party. On the cusp of elections, Triple C is still awaiting a finalised voter’s roll, despite having millions of dedicated followers.

Critics highlight gaps in the opposition’s preparedness, pointing to the absence of robust structures, a cabinet in waiting, and a counter-rigging mechanism. Chamisa’s assurances to his supporters of divine intervention and resilience in the face of challenges are met with skepticism.

Amid the enthusiasm and rallying cries for change, the hurdles to a free and fair election remain daunting. Despite the fervour, the opposition’s path to victory seems laden with complexities, suggesting that even fervent support and votes may not be enough without addressing systemic challenges.

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