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Poisonous Poll Recipe Ready for 2023

The 2023 elections are six months away, but the ruling ZANU PF party appears to be boiling up its repressive recipe to ensure victory. These are the key ingredients they are using in their poisonous poll recipe, ready for 2023 to try and stay in power forever.

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  • Zimbabwe Elections: Chamisa says 'it’s game over'

Chamisa says ‘it’s game over’

'Spotlight on Zimbabwe' looks at opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s final rally in the capital, Harare. Chamisa says there won’t be a repeat of 2018 because God is in it. He tells supporters: “I have clean hands, Zimbabwe try me, my hands have no blood. My hands are not corrupt. Try these hands, try these hands. These are safe hands for you. Opinda here mukomana?”

  • Zimbabwe Elections- Hail Emperor Emmerson

Zimbabwe Elections: Hail Emperor Emmerson

There appears to be a drive to uniquely present incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an invincible Demi-God, worshipped by the masses. Numerous personality fan clubs have been created under the 4ED banner, which includes - Single Mothers4ED, Varakashi4ED, Mawhindi4ED, Vendors4ED, Lawyers4ED, Pastors4ED, CrossBorders4ED. Spotlight on Zimbabwe presents: “All hail Emperor Emmerson”

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