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Convicted rapist turned Zanu PF praise singer

Would you enlist a convicted child rapist to endorse your political party? “Spotlight on Zimbabwe” delves into the unsettling case of Bobby Makaza, recently released under a Presidential amnesty, who has emerged as a poster figure for ZANU PF’s election campaign.

In a shocking twist, Bobby Makaza, a convicted child rapist, has found himself in the spotlight of ZANU PF’s election campaign. Makaza, convicted in 2019 for raping an 11-year-old girl in his hometown of Murewa, had been sentenced to 16 years in prison. However, a recent Presidential amnesty led to his release after just four years, raising alarms among human rights groups and legal experts.

The endorsement of Makaza by ZANU PF supporters as a symbol of their leader’s praise has generated considerable controversy. This move sends a disturbing message that praising the President can absolve individuals of heinous past actions, regardless of their severity.

Makaza’s inclusion in the campaign not only raises ethical questions but also causes distress to the victim’s family. Allegedly boasting about his release in the same village where the victim resides, his newfound fame sparks outrage.

Human rights advocates and legal experts challenge Makaza’s release, contending that it contradicts amnesty guidelines. As discussions unfold, the larger implications of using a convicted child rapist as a political symbol come into focus.

Join us as “Spotlight on Zimbabwe” navigates this troubling narrative, shedding light on the intersections of politics, ethics, and justice.

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