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Chamisa says CCC you later!

In a surprising turn of events, Nelson Chamisa, leader of Zimbabwe’s main opposition, has parted ways with the party he founded in 2022, the Triple C. This move has left many questioning the state of leadership in the country.

Abandoning the Triple C

Chamisa’s departure from the Triple C means turning his back on the 2 million people who supported him in the last election. Critics argue that he has also abandoned the memory of those who sacrificed for the Triple C’s cause, including those who were beaten, intimidated, and imprisoned.

Reasons for Departure

Chamisa cites Zanu PF’s manipulation of parliamentary processes and biased courts as reasons for his departure. However, his exit has left MPs and councillors without direction, some of whom have resigned from their positions.

Consequences of Resignation

With resignations mounting and Zanu PF gaining a super majority, the political landscape is shifting. The absence of formal structures and a leadership hierarchy within the Triple C has left millions of Zimbabweans voiceless and without representation.

Chamisa’s Accountability

Critics hold Chamisa accountable for the Triple C’s strategic failures, which led to Zanu PF’s political dominance. His lack of party structure and clear leadership hierarchy left the Triple C vulnerable to state interference.

Seeking Fresh Leadership

Chamisa urges his followers to embrace new politics and genuine leaders who prioritise service over self-interest. However, his rapid shift in rhetoric, from claiming divine intervention to proclaiming himself guided by the Holy Spirit, raises questions about his accountability.

Reflections on Leadership

As Zimbabwe navigates its political future, the need for better leaders, both within the government and opposition, becomes apparent. Chamisa’s departure underscores the challenges facing Zimbabwe’s leadership landscape.

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