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Zimbabwe: The Candidates Are…

In Zimbabwe, the stakes are high as candidates vie for the presidency. The fee to register? A hefty USD20,000. Amid laughter and anticipation, this video dives into the colourful world of Zimbabwe’s presidential candidates.

Zimbabwe the candidates are…Eleven contenders, with aspirations fueled by various motivations. The 2018 rivals, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, return to the fray. Notably, four candidates from the previous election, whose combined vote share was meager, now stand again.

Intriguingly, some of these candidates have found themselves in the political actors’ dialogue, a platform initiated by President Mnangagwa, sparking debates about their motivations. Others, new to the scene, join the race with distinct backgrounds and aspirations.

Among them, Trust Chikora, Wilburton BYU, Guinyai Henry Muzorewa, Douglas Monzoura, and Xavier Kasukuere, the latter facing arrest warrants, diversify the playing field. The political landscape appears uncertain for some, while others are seen as closely aligned with the ruling Zanu-PF, diminishing their chances.

The competition zeroes in on two prominent figures: Mnangagwa and Chamisa. With history on their side, the 2018 results showcased their strong support bases. Mnangagwa wields extensive resources and backing, while Chamisa’s campaign strategy hinges on divine intervention.

Intriguing insights await as we dissect the dynamics of Zimbabwe’s presidential race. From political ambitions to spiritual inclinations, join us in unraveling the narratives that shape the journey ahead.

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