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Zimbabwe Elections: Hail Emperor Emmerson

The Cult of Image in Zimbabwe’s 2023 Elections

In the lead-up to Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections, an intriguing phenomenon has taken shape: the portrayal of incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an invincible demigod, adored by the masses. Under the 4ED banner, a web of personality fan clubs has arisen, celebrating Mnangagwa’s image and leadership. The coined term “All hail Emperor Emmerson” aptly captures the essence of this movement.

As the electoral landscape mirrors previous patterns of bias in favour of the ruling party, and opposition campaigns strive to surmount obstacles, a distinct shift emerges this year. The focus now centers on crafting a cult of personality around President Mnangagwa. Elaborate efforts leave no stone unturned in creating an illusion of an unbeatable, godlike leader, worshiped by all.

Rallies become grand showcases of this endeavour, as hundreds of buses traverse the nation, transporting attendees from all corners. The tactics involve coercion and incentives, including the usual threats and tangible rewards, often adorned with the leader’s smiling face.

Under the 4ED umbrella, numerous sectors of society have birthed their own fan clubs, an apparent display of grassroots support. However, despite these orchestrated efforts, the moment of truth arrives when the leader steps onto the stage to address the masses. It’s here that the veneer applied by campaign strategists can begin to wash off.

Join “Spotlight on Zimbabwe” as we delve into this captivating narrative—how image and illusion interplay with the dynamics of leadership and power in a political arena.

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Zimbabwe Elections: Hail Emperor Emmerson

There appears to be a drive to uniquely present incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an invincible Demi-God, worshipped by the masses. Numerous personality fan clubs have been created under the 4ED banner, which includes - Single Mothers4ED, Varakashi4ED, Mawhindi4ED, Vendors4ED, Lawyers4ED, Pastors4ED, CrossBorders4ED. Spotlight on Zimbabwe presents: “All hail Emperor Emmerson”

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