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Zimbabwe Elections 2023: Its all over now?

Failed Credibility: The 2023 Election

Zimbabwe’s electoral credibility takes yet another hit in 2023, following a familiar pattern since 2000. The ruling Zanu PF leans on supposedly independent state institutions to solidify its 43-year rule. Meanwhile, the leading opposition, the Citizens Coalition for Change (Triple C), faces persistent challenges in overcoming enduring obstacles to a free and fair election, present for over two decades.

Resource Abuse and Political Gimmicks

Both parties’ campaigns are marked by resource abuse. Zanu PF employs vast funds and opaque business dealings to mobilise citizens, often resorting to tactics like intimidation and even offering free chicken and chips to rally attendees. These strategies, however, mask a lack of substantive policy offerings.

Triple C’s Message of Hope

In contrast, the Triple C taps into the hopes and dreams of citizens seeking change. Their campaign boasts flashy spectacles, promises of progress, and a manifesto. Yet, their ability to counter the ruling party’s rigging remains uncertain.

Divine Intervention and Political Realities

As the election unfolds, promises of divine intervention give way to the stark reality of political machinations. The Triple C initially held faith in its potential to win the presidential ballot, implicitly endorsing the validity of council and parliamentary results. Later, they denounced the conduct of the polls, but the timing proved ineffective.

The Result and Its Aftermath

Ultimately, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission declared President Emmerson Mnangagwa the winner, amid delayed and mysterious result removals from their own website. The conduct of the polls was widely criticised, yet possession in Zimbabwean politics often trumps justice.

Persistent Challenges

As the nation grapples with another contested election, the familiar challenges of credibility and transparency persist. Stay informed with “Spotlight on Zimbabwe” as we delve into the intricate dynamics shaping the nation’s political landscape.

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  • Zimbabwe Elections 2023: Its all over now?

Zimbabwe Elections 2023: Its all over now?

Zimbabwe Elections 2023 - what happened? Once again, Zimbabwe's electoral landscape fails the credibility test in 2023. However, this outcome has become a norm for polls since the year 2000. The ruling Zanu PF relies on theoretically independent state institutions to align with and actively promote its 43-year reign. On the other hand, the leading opposition party struggles to overcome the enduring obstacles to a free and fair election, which have remained unchanged for over two decades.

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