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What does the CCC 2023 election recipe contain?

Violet Ganda Productions recently drew attention to the ruling Zanu PF’s divisive electoral tactics. As the elections approach, it is only fair to assess whether the Citizens Coalition for Change can devise an effective countermeasure. Every election, the main opposition claims to have a new winning recipe, but it always appears to be the same, leaving a bitter taste in their supporters’ mouths. Let us see what the Citizens Coalition for Change has planned for their poll potjiekos.

They rely heavily on voter registration, assuming that every new voter supports the CCC and that a large turnout will benefit them. However, this ingredient lacks flavour because partisan policing and the freedom of Zanu PF supporters to intimidate are major issues. The same is true for “defend your vote,” which encourages voters to stay at polling places during the voting process to ensure fairness.

The unappealing threat of violence in a race, on the other hand, is a genuine concern. Is the CCC left with just a watery soup for their recipe for election triumph? Definitely not. They have a winning secret ingredient that they cannot reveal. They’ve assured us of this many times as the MDC and CCC, but revealing it would reveal their strategy to the enemy. After 23 years since a strong opposition first appeared on Zimbabwe’s political menu, CCC supporters must go out and vote, hoping that there is a secret ingredient this time that will make their electoral victory more palatable.

However, no meal is complete without salt, and the opposition has relied on SADC and other African observers to sprinkle revelations and truth about the ruling party’s electoral strategies in order to overturn a Zanu PF victory. Unfortunately, with their daily allowances, these observers only observe life in their hotels. If the election is lost, the legal route is an option, but the judiciary is thought to be compromised, making it an unappealing option. Meanwhile, the CCC garnishes its dish with various selfies, scriptures, and words of encouragement on social media, reminding voters that “God is in it”.

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