Hot Seat with Violet Gonda live radio debates in partnership with YETT broadcast on STARFM radio
Episode 1: Voters Roll irregularities

In this first episode Moderator Violet Gonda spoke with representatives of the two organisations that have audited the Voters Roll – #TeamPachedu represented by Runyararo Mverekumombe and Runyararo Munetsi one of the authors of the audit report compiled by the Zimbabwe Election Support Network – ZESN. The panel discussion also included Derek Matycsak, a lawyer and leading analyst on the mechanics of Zimbabwe’s elections. It included #TeamPachedu and ZESN explaining the methodology they used to analyse the Voters Roll and exposed how the electoral process can be manipulated. Derek Matycsak was able to give an analysis of both documents and shared key conclusions on voters roll and electoral irregularities.